At EHI Trading Solutions we want satisfaction with your order. Therefore, we provide several methods to return an item that may not fit your needs or expectations. Possible cases of return or withdrawal:

A. The product is wrong, has a defect or has been damaged during transport:

We pay close attention to all our items and shipments being in perfect condition. Yes, even so, an erroneous or defective item will arrive, contact us immediately through or by calling us at 646958274. Before opening the product, verify that the packaging matches the requested one: color, measure , finish, etc. In case of any anomaly, also make an immediate claim, before opening the seal or its packaging. When the product has been damaged during transport it is essential that you notify us the same day that you receive the merchandise and that you write down the incidence on the delivery note of the carrier. Products must be returned in a way that is protected, including them in a protective case or bag. EHI Trading Solutions makes available to the buyer a transport company for the withdrawal of the merchandise, completely free of charge. If you wish to return the merchandise with a transport company other than the one proposed by EHI Trading Solutions, and the selected transport company offers higher rates, you must assume the difference in the cost of transport.

B. If you have not yet received the order:

If you have not yet received the order and want to cancel or modify it, you just have to inform us of the changes you want to make, without this incurring any cost in case your order has not yet been processed. Contact For Returns: * Phone: 646958274 * Email:

All product returns, together with their original protected packaging, should be addressed to the following address: C / Sarasate 1-D, 1º, 31550, Ribaforada (Navarra).